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At Farrington Specialty Centers, we believe that anyone battling an  eating disorder or related issues has the potential to be fully  recovered and gain lasting freedom!  

Our programs have been designed by practitioners who themselves have recovered from an eating disorder and understand personally the devastating effects of these deadly disorders.


Our message is a simple one, we have walked in your footsteps, and we understand your pain.  We are proof of the hope that exists when specialized treatment is received.  We believe that everyone has the capacity to heal and live in freedom.  We strive to build a foundation for true and lasting healing for everyone we serve.


Our Programs


Farrington Specialty Counseling

Farrington Specialty Counseling is devoted to the treatment of eating  disorders, compulsive exercise, and body image issues as well as  co-occurring disorders including anxiety, depression, trauma, and  relational concerns.  We offer a wide  range of services, including comprehensive assessments, outpatient  counseling, group therapy, and an Intensive Outpatient Program.  We specialize in all ranges of eating disorders, including Anorexia  Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, disordered eating, and  body image disturbances.



Neossia Day Treatment Program

Neossia is greek for “a nest or a place of refuge.”  Just like birds entrust the nest to care for their babies while they are away, Neossia will be a place of protection and nurturing for all who walk through our doors.  At Neossia, we believe that connection is what is truly healing.  Our program is personal.  Those recovering from an eating disorder have a genuine need to be seen and heard, not for the eating disorder but for their authentic soul.  Each and every client and family we serve will be known by name by all members of the staff.  We will wrap our arms around them, care for them in their journey, and welcome them into the nest as family.  



Farrington Specialty Centers is looking to hire a full time Registered Dietitian. If you or someone you know is qualified and is looking to be apart of a family of passionate individuals then click on the link below!

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